senior-conseil-international Rester chez soi, partout/Stay home, everywhere/Quedarse en casa, en todas partes

Gaëlle MOYEN

As a psychologist specialised in gerontology since 2000, Gaëlle has always been involved in the field of ageing, whether in EHPAD (Establishment for Dependent Elderly Persons) or in structures specialised in geriatrics.

Volunteering in associations, particularly with people suffering from neurodegenerative pathologies, has also enabled her to enrich herself on a human level and to gain significant experience.

In addition, she feels it is important to support the family carers of ageing people who are affected by life’s difficulties.

She has also given training to care staff working in specialised structures and/or at home.
Gaëlle considers that this new investment can only allow her to broaden her horizons, both on a human and professional level.


Senior Conseil International