senior-conseil-international Rester chez soi, partout/Stay home, everywhere/Quedarse en casa, en todas partes


The increase in life expectancy, while a reality in France, is also visible on a global scale.
In societies where the elderly were traditionally looked after by their families, this has changed as lifestyles have changed. This phenomenon has become more pronounced in urban environments.
And so it’s a real challenge for the various societies concerned, as well as for future generations.
In fact, it’s both a demographic and an economic challenge.
Demographic, because it’s one of the factors contributing to population growth.
Secondly, in economic terms, it offers the opportunity to create or develop jobs related to advancing age (e.g., care assistants, caregivers, entertainers). Indeed, we need to envisage a modification of behaviors by adapting them to the approach of the aging person and perhaps of the living environment if need be.
This has the potential to create jobs in the countries concerned. These jobs could avoid a sometimes hazardous exodus.
This is the aspect of support for the elderly outside our borders that our team is destined to address.

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