senior-conseil-international Rester chez soi, partout/Stay home, everywhere/Quedarse en casa, en todas partes

Jean-Michel PRATICO

I studied at the Montpellier's medical school, where I graduated and got my PhD (doctorate) in 1986. After being a liberal professional for over 20 years, I am currently a coordinating doctor in an EHPAD (establishment of accommodation for dependent old people) near Montpellier.

This coordination activity is a real health and social compromise between the medical care and the social environment of the residents. These 11 years of experience in this field allowed me to gain an expertise I hope to share to all the projects concerning the improvement of living conditions for the elderly.

A stay in an institution is not entirely adapted to the person concerned. Especially since on the societal and cultural levels this orientation is not always possible.

This is why it seems important and necessary to me to work on the project of keeping people home as late as possible, if this is the real choice of the person.

whether in France or internationally.


Senior Conseil International