senior-conseil-international Rester chez soi, partout/Stay home, everywhere/Quedarse en casa, en todas partes

Mathilde ROUSSET

After graduating from the Montpellier Institute of Occupational Therapy in 2011, she's completed her initial training with experiences in various intervention sectors and continuing education (including some specific to the support of the elderly: “Humanitude, Gineste-Marescotti method of care”, “Communication with families”, “Management of behavioral disorders” and “Palliative care”).

She has developed is practice (intervention at home, in the living environment and in the office) from 2012 in parallel with experiences in institutions: clinics, rehabilitation center, EHPAD (Establishment Accommodating Dependent Elderly People).

This has allowed her to intervene and gain experience in different practice sectors: pediatrics, neurology, orthopedics, traumatology, geriatrics. Currently, she practices mainly in EHPAD and pediatrics.

She has also designed and provided training for caregivers in geriatrics: “gesture and posture: prevention of low back pain and other MSDs” for care personnel in EHPAD and “prevention of falls in the elderly” for home helpers.

Senior Conseil International