senior-conseil-international Rester chez soi, partout/Stay home, everywhere/Quedarse en casa, en todas partes

The process

1. contact by all means

2. first mission on site

– to make an inventory and collect information in order to establish a diagnosis.
– This inventory will include, among other things

* The survey of the structures and organisations already in place
* the functioning of society with regard to the elderly
* the real needs expressed during the various meetings
* a survey of eating habits

– This mission can last from 7 to 10 days, depending on the country and local needs. It is during this first mission that the collaboration contract will be signed and the fixed price of the intervention determined.

– If necessary, this mission will be carried out jointly with an occupational therapist. This professional will make an inventory of the type of housing most frequently encountered in the country. The aim is to make proposals for keeping the person at home as well adapted and comfortable as possible. All of this, of course, while respecting local techniques and habits.

– As far as possible, we will also ask about the regulatory aspects in all areas relating to the issues addressed.

3. Establishment of the diagnosis and proposal of an action plan (at a distance), with the submission of the mission report.

4. Second on-site mission to follow up the action plan, if approved and implemented.

This visit can last from 6 to 9 days depending on the action plan. It is during this second mission that the dietician will provide one or more training courses for professionals in the field of nutrition adapted to the elderly and in relation to the usual local foods.

5. A third and final mission can be envisaged, in case the implementation of the action plan and its sustainability are experiencing some difficulties.

It should be noted that throughout the contract, remote monitoring by videoconference and e-mail exchanges may be envisaged.

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