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After several years in a dispensary pharmacy, Valérie chose to devote herself to nutrition. This profession of dietician-nutritionist offers many possibilities that she wanted to know.

She started with bariatric surgery (surgical treatment of obesity) in a clinic where she worked with people suffering from obesity.

Valérie then changed universe to integrate the research unit 106 at the IRD (Institute of Research and Development) . She was thus able to work on the composition of porridges of supplements for children in developing countries.

One of her long works has been to list the nutritional value of the food present in different countries, thus proposing porridges corresponding to the nutritional needs of children.

She then led educational workshops for people suffering from hypercholesterolemia and created training modules on the elderly for a training center dedicated to pharmacists and pharmacy assistants.

At the end of this journey and thanks to these different experiences, she felt comfortable enough to create her own nutrition practice.

All these skills allow her to join Dr. Pratico’s team in his consulting practice.

This is a new step in her professional journey, which is also another challenge that will enrich her experience both professionally and on a human level.

“It is a new mission that I am approaching with great enthusiasm,” she says.

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